Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle

img_0319I’ll be honest with you guys, the reason I bought this book was because it was three dollars at my favorite book store. I was also a little curious after seeing one episode of the TV show (would highly recommend you don’t waste your time with the TV show) whether I would enjoy the book more.

Famous in Love follows Paige as she goes from a shot in the dark audition to being the cast in one of the lead roles in a hugely anticipated movie. She arrives on set, isn’t performing well and is basically carried by her co-star Rainer. Paige is just starting to catch feelings for Rainer when his arch-nemesis (and other lead actor) Jordan shows up. Of course, this leads to a love triangle where Paige has to choose between the two boys. That’s basically the entire plot.

On paper, this book had the makings of being a fun ride, but it just never hit its stride. This was the first time in a while that I’ve had to struggle to finish a book. I found myself not even slightly invested in who Paige chose in the end and nothing in the book made me car about whether she succeeded in her career. There were no real twists to the plot, and the ending was predictable basically from the first page. The side characters were also very underdeveloped. For example, one of the subplots is all about how she’s drifting from her friends back home, but they were so underdeveloped that I forgot they existed until they resurfaced towards the middle of the book.

Lets talk about the love triangle. For the first part of the book there’s Paige and Rainer. Rainer is an established movie star and is 22 to Paige’s 17 (I’m being nitpicky but that age gap is kinda wide that young). Paige is starstruck by him and he’s supportive of her lackluster acting. Outside of all of that, there’s not really any chemistry between the two of them. I’m the kind of person who loves a good love story, but there was really nothing here. Enter Jordan, the third point in the love triangle. Unlike the Paige-Rainer side of things, there is some actual chemistry here, but still not enough to make this whole romantic geometric shape believable.

All in all, this book was better than its TV adaptation, but it still lacked a lot of elements to make it a compelling read. The combination of flat characters, non-drama, and zero chemistry between the supposed love triangle. Honestly, this was just a boring read and I definitely won’t be reading the sequel.

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