Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett

I’m going to be honest – I only bought this book to brink my shopping cart total up to get free shipping. The premise seemed cute (totally taken from You’ve Got Mail?) and I figured that that would be a pretty hard premise to mess up. Sadly, I was mistaken and this was easily one of the most boring and under-baked books I’ve read in a long time.

Alex, Approximately follows Bailey as she moves across the country to move in with her dad in beautiful California. She’s an avid movie fan – she lives and breathes classic cinema and is a part of an online community of fellow film fans. On these online forums she meets Alex, and they spend every waking hour discussing and watching movies together. When Bailey starts a new job, she meets Porter – a typical California surfer dude who she starts to feel things for. She spends the rest of the summer getting to know Porter while also low-key trying to find Alex – who turns out to be the same person as Porter.

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