In Another Life by CC Hunter

A review copy of  this book was provided by St Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest review.

From the moment I read the description of this book I was hooked – it sounded like a new generation’s take on The Face on the Milk Carton by Caroline B Cooney (which I loved as a kid). In Another Life was a surprise for me – it’s a interesting myste

ry that explores the idea of kidnapping in a grounded way, albeit with a bit of a boring ending.

In Another Life follows Chloe as she adjusts to her new normal – her mother and father recently went through a nasty divorce and she has been forced to move to a new town with her mother. To pile on – her mom has recently had a rough bout of cancer, and while she is in remission, she’s become severely depressed. Chloe is receiving no support from her father either: he’s too wrapped up in his new life with his girlfriend to notice the wake of destruction he left behind him. Enter Cash: a mysterious foster child who is convinced that Chloe is the abducted daughter of his foster parents. The two set out to figure out who Chloe truly is, no matter what the consequences are.

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