Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by The Artsy Reader. This week’s topic is Favorite Bookmarks. I’m going to take this as my favorite things I’ve used as a bookmark that are not, in fact, bookmarks.

  1. Receipts – ok, who hasn’t done this right after leaving the book store
  2. Candy Wrappers – as long as they’re clean, they work in a pinch
  3. Pencils/Pens – not a long term solution but a workable short term one
  4. The corner of a page – I know it’s a cardinal bookworm sin, but it’s convenient
  5. The flap of a hardcover – another very convenient fix
  6. Just putting the book flat on it’s pages – nothing like a broken spine and a well loved book
  7. Nothing. Finish the book in one sitting. Mama didn’t raise a quitter.

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  1. Number 7 made me laugh! About half the time I usually do finish a book in one setting, but I still need a bookmark for short bathroom/stretch breaks. I definitely use receipts and writing utensils. Torn-off corners of junk mail are also pretty handy.

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