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Book cover of Fumbled by Alexa Martin

Book cover of Fumbled by Alexa MartinAfter mostly enjoying Alexa Martin’s first book, Intercepted, I decided to check out the second book in the series – Fumbled. I went in with tepid hopes given the oddities of the first book and the letdown that the ending was. Mostly I was looking for a way to reset my reading brain after reading a few very dark heavy books – and Fumbled by Alexa Martin did the job. Was it groundbreaking and something I’m dying to reread? No. Was it a fun beach read? Heck yes.

Single-mother Poppy Patterson moved across the country when she was sixteen and pregnant to find a new normal. After years of hard work, she’s built a life she loves. It may include a job at a nightclub, weekend soccer games, and more stretch marks than she anticipated, but it’s all hers, and nobody can take that away. Well, except for one person.

TK Moore, the starting wide receiver for the Denver Mustangs, dreamt his entire life about being in the NFL. His world is football, parties, and women. Maybe at one point he thought his future would play out with his high school sweetheart by his side, but Poppy is long gone and he’s moved on.

When Poppy and TK cross paths in the most unlikely of places, emotions they’ve suppressed for years come rushing back. But with all the secrets they never told each other lying between them, they’ll need more than a dating playbook to help them navigate their relationship.


Unlike InterceptedFumbled by Alexa Martin didn’t have an ending that ruined all of the previous character development. However, it honestly just lacked a lot of actual content. It took a while to get into the meat of the plot – and for anything significant to happen. Once the book did get going, it was a fun ride – there was a decent amount of drama and cute moments, but the book on the whole definitely felt like it could have been shorter.

Poppy was an ok main character – she was a strong female mother, but was far too easily pushed over by TK. Outside of being a mother, she honestly didn’t have a ton of definition – she was pretty much wholly defined by her son and her romance with TK. Similar to Intercepted, this book featured a bunch of strong female friendships – with mostly the same cast of side characters as the first book. They were loyal and true friends who helped Poppy through her emotional turmoil and her hardships – even better, they took her son, Ace, under their wings. I loved that the women in this book supported each other and were so female empowerment focused. Also, I definitely want to go to a women-oriented bar like the one in the book – that sounds awesome.

Honestly, TK was not a likable character. The entire book he treated Poppy like crap, and she just kept letting him off the hook for it. Even worse, he let their son, Ace, down a few times. Even though his attitude was attributed to a medical condition from his football injuries, it was still off-putting. It felt like everything was swept under the rug once his diagnosis came out. Honestly, I would have really like him to have more of a reckoning with his behavior and to have him properly apologize to Poppy for what he put her through. Their relationship lacked a lot of chemistry and really didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

While I am a sucker for sports romance books, Fumbled by Alexa Martin was fairly average – it was a fun ride but it was nothing groundbreaking and definitely not a book that I’ll ever revisit. Fumbled was far more consistent than Intercepted was – there was no big book ruining ending, but it was just pretty darn average and forgettable. If you’re looking for a good sports romance, I’d highly recommend checking out the Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy, and if you’re looking for just a great romance I’d recommend checking out The Kiss Quotient by Helen Huang. 3/5

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