Just Jilted by Cindi Madsen

img_1017I’ll admit, I bought this book mostly because it was 99 cents on the iBooks store and I liked the cover. Ever since I started reading on my iPad, I have been a sucker for the sale section of the store. I can’t even count the number of impulse buys I’ve made that are collecting digital dust because I bought-and-forgot. The reason this one really stood out to me is because it sounded like a modern spin on The Wedding Planner (a classic J-Lo rom-com movie).

From a plot point of view, this book was basically what you would expect by reading the back cover. Girl gets left at the alter, girl meets (or in this case, is reintroduced to) cute new potential beau, girl’s ex realizes his mistake, girl has a tough choice between the two guys, everyone lives happily ever after. It’s a story that’s been told a million times before, but this iteration is just cute enough to keep a reader from thinking too hard about how many versions of this story they’ve read. There are a few small twists, but it’s a pretty straightforward, predictable read.

Dakota was a fun character to read about. It was easy and fun to see her journey after being jilted. Reading about her reevaluating her life and choices actually seemed realistic and fresh. It was nice to read about a capable woman who didn’t fly to extremes when her life got turned upside down. Grant (the ex) was infuriating in all of the best ways. He was fun to hate and had a few manipulative tricks up his sleeve that kept him from being too much of a stereotype. Finally, there was Brendan. He was a tad bit two dimensional and predictable, but he was fun to read about and was a good competitor to go against Brendan. I found him to be the breath of fresh air in this book: he said what Dakota needed to hear and said everything I was thinking about how awful and manipulative Grant was.

Was this a fun read? Yes! I would definitely recommend this book to someone looking for a cute new romance book on the fly. It’s got heart, it’s got fun characters, and it has little moments that will make your heart swell. Just Jilted is a good example of a diamond in the overwhelming sea of eBooks that are constantly on sale on the iBooks store, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a summery fun-while-it-lasts read.

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  1. Looks like a light breezy read and a good brain cleanse after too much angst – I need these now and then 😉

  2. Oh, I loved the movie “Wedding Planner” a lot back in the days. This book sounds like cute, fluffy read. Might give it a try if I’m in a mood for chic-lit in festive season.

  3. sounds like a fun book! I’ve only read two books yet by this author. One with which I wasn’t all that impressed with; it was okay though and I gate it a 3-star rating, but the other one was a 5-star read to me so I’m definitely planning on reading more by this author. Wasn’t familiar with this book yet but the synopsis sounds fun so I’ve added it to my tbr.

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