Just Last Night by Mhairi McFarlane

Just Last Night by Mhairi
Just Last Night by Mhairi

Thank you to the publisher for the gifted copy of Just Last Night

I love books that explore complicated relationship dynamics, which is exactly what Just Last Night promised to deliver. It ended up being one of those books that I finished and immediately wanted to reread – just to pick up on more of the nuances that I missed the first time (and for the adorable romance). 

Eve, Justin, Susie, and Ed have been friends since they were teenagers. Now in their thirties, the four are as close as ever, Thursday pub trivia night is sacred, and Eve is still secretly in love with Ed. Maybe she should have moved on by now, but she can’t stop thinking about what could have been. And she knows Ed still thinks about it, too.

But then, in an instant, their lives are changed forever.

In the aftermath, Eve’s world is upended. As stunning secrets are revealed, she begins to wonder if she really knew her friends as well as she thought. And when someone from the past comes back into her life, Eve’s future veers in a surprising new direction…

They say every love story starts with a single moment. What if it was just last night?

The only part of this book I didn’t love was how long it took for the story to really get going – it took a while for the plot to be set up and to get the ball rolling. Had the book gotten to the meat of the story faster, I think this would have been a five star read for me. Once the story got going, I couldn’t put the book down, and it had me crying multiple times. I don’t want to spoil anything, but I also really appreciate how Just Last Night handled the topic of grief – every character in the book experienced their grief differently and it really highlighted the disparate nature of grief.

I loved that this book was more focused on Eve and her relationships with her friend group than her romantic life (though the romantic plot was there and adorable, just more as a subplot). The unraveling and shifting of Eve’s perception on her life and her relationships was fascinating – as the book progressed, it was like the curtains on Eve’s life were pulled back and she slowly had to shed her naivete. By the end of the story she felt like a more well rounded character because of everything she learned and went through. 

I just can’t get over how much I loved the dynamics between Eve and all of her friends. Just Last Night may have been my first Mhairi McFarlane book, but it certainly won’t be my last – I can’t wait to dig into her backlist. Also, this book is really great for buddy reading / book clubs – it’s good for inspiring discussions about relationships and loss. 4/5

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