Maggie Finds Her Muse by Dee Ernst

Maggie finds her muse
Maggie finds her muse

Thank you to St Martin’s Press for providing a review copy of Maggie Finds Her Muse

I love a good love story, and when I heard about Maggie Finds her Muse, I was excited for two reasons: a) the story is set in Paris and b) it featured an older heroine. I was particularly excited about the older heroine because most of the romance novels I read are about 20 and 30 somethings, and I thought her life experience would lead to a more mature love story.

All Maggie Bliss needs to do is write. Forty-eight years old and newly single (again!), she ventures to Paris in a last-ditch effort to finish her manuscript. With a marvelous apartment at her fingertips and an elegant housekeeper to meet her every need, a finished book—and her dream of finally taking her career over the top—is surely within her grasp. After all, how could she find anything except inspiration in Paris, with its sophistication, food, and romance in the air?

But the clock is running out, and between her charming ex-husband arriving in France for vacation and a handsome Frenchman appearing one morning in her bathtub, Maggie’s previously undisturbed peace goes by the wayside. Charming and heartfelt, Dee Ernst’s Maggie Finds Her Muse is a delightful and feel-good novel about finding love, confidence, and inspiration in all the best places.

Maggie Finds Her Muse was a slog to get through – it took a while for the story to get rolling, and even when it did get going, not a lot actually happened. This was a very paint by numbers romance – the main character has two love interests, has a big misunderstanding with the one she likes most, and then in fifty pages everything is peachy again. It was predictable and not very entertaining.

I found Maggie to be painfully naive and clueless – she was the epitome of a clueless and clumsy American tourist. At one point she talks about not knowing what crepes are – though this was a small, offhand remark, it really highlighted her lack of worldliness. She also got upset when she didn’t immediately fit into French culture – after she totally discarded all of the warnings her friends gave her about how to fit in. She lacked the maturity I was expecting from a middle aged leading lady, and came off as entitled more often than not.

The biggest issue with this book is that it is a romance novel with no real chemistry. During this story, Maggie has two potential love interests: her long time ex husband and a hot Frenchman she meets in Paris. She had chemistry with neither of them. Both relationships felt forced and lifeless, lacking anything to make me root for either couple.

I went into Maggie Finds Her Muse hoping for a Nancy Meyers-esque rom com, and came out thoroughly disappointed. Between the lack of romantic energy, the sluggish plot, and the immature leading lady, I was definitely disappointed by this book. 1/5

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