Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell’s books have been hit or miss for me – I adored Fangirl but didn’t see the appeal in Eleanor and Park. Until now, I’ve only read her young adult novels, and when I found out she has a bit of an adult catalog, I was thrilled (plus this one is a romance set in the 90s – the perfect setting). This book felt more like a return to form to me – it was adorable, and realistic, and fun – everything I had hoped for.

Attachments has a unique format: it follows Lincoln as he begins his new gig – a IT technician in the 90s (the birth of the internet). One of his key duties is to monitor employee emails – he quickly finds himself fascinated with the messages and lives of Beth and Jennifer, two other employees at the newspaper. As their lives unfold in their daily email correspondence, Lincoln becomes more and more fascinated with the women and begins take a step back to reflect on his own life (or the lack thereof).

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