I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella books are literally the same, just follow this recipe: take one clutzy protagonist who makes consistently bad choices and has a mess of a life (especially her career), add a bland white knight to save her from her self, and add a lazy POS boyfriend who she dumps early on and has awkward encounters with the rest of the book. That’s literally all of her books. This book was no exception, it was boring, followed her formula, and just plain ridiculous.

Fixie Farr has always lived by her father’s motto: “Family first.” But since her dad passed away, leaving his charming housewares store in the hands of his wife and children, Fixie spends all her time picking up the slack from her siblings instead of striking out on her own. The way Fixie sees it, if she doesn’t take care of her father’s legacy, who will? It’s simply not in her nature to say no to people.

So when a handsome stranger in a coffee shop asks her to watch his laptop for a moment, Fixie not only agrees—she ends up saving it from certain disaster. Turns out the computer’s owner is an investment manager. To thank Fixie for her quick thinking, Sebastian scribbles an IOU on a coffee sleeve and attaches his business card. But Fixie laughs it off—she’d never actually claim an IOU from a stranger. Would she?

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The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella

Normally, Sophie Kinsella’s books are a mix of cringe comedy, dumb antics (that lead to easily avoidable problems), and a healthy dose of uber-cute romance. It’s the third part of this recipe that keeps me coming back and reading more of her books. This one, however, lacked the spark between the romantic leads and veered much further into the territory of unbelievable than any of her other books.

Workaholic attorney Samantha Sweeting has just done the unthinkable. She’s made a mistake so huge, it’ll wreck any chance of a partnership.

Going into utter meltdown, she walks out of her London office, gets on a train, and ends up in the middle of nowhere. Asking for directions at a big, beautiful house, she’s mistaken for an interviewee and finds herself being offered a job as housekeeper. Her employers have no idea they’ve hired a lawyer–and Samantha has no idea how to work the oven. She can’t sew on a button, bake a potato, or get the #@%# ironing board to open. How she takes a deep breath and begins to cope–and finds love–is a story as delicious as the bread she learns to bake.

But will her old life ever catch up with her? And if it does…will she want it back?

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Can You Keep A Secret? by Sophie Kinsella

img_1004Sophie Kinsella is a massive name in the romantic comedy book genre: she’s sold millions of books and her lighthearted novels make for great beach reads or eBook impulse buys. I’m a sucker for a good love story, so I decided to give Sophie Kinsella’s books a second shot after I didn’t really enjoy the first one I read.

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