Top 5 Bookish Costumes


Hey guys! Welcome to Blogoween! Blogoween is a celebration of Halloween and all the cozy and spooky things that go with it. I’m hosting from the 18th to the 21st.

Today’s Prompt:

What are your top five bookish costumes?

What is Blogoween?

In the words of Clo – “A time for us book bloggers to take October, by it’s orangeness and go all Halloween, on it’s pumpkin self. Basically, get ready for Halloween themed posts from us through October! Some may be Autumn themed yet they’ll all be related back to books, blogging and/or writing.”

Top 5 Bookish Costumes

  1. Hermione –  My favorite costume of all time. She’s a bad-ass female character: she’s smart, she’s witty, and she stands up to those who oppose her. Frizz up your hair, grab a wand, grab a robe, and be your best witchy self.
  2. Katniss – Dressing as Katniss is super easy – you only really need to buy yourself the Mockingjay pin. Braid your hair to the side, get a black top and some green pants, and get ready to take down an oppressive society or two.
  3. Harry Potter – A super recognizable and easy to toss together costume (the two signs of a great costume!). Grab a robe, some round glasses and draw a lightning mark on your forehead, and your costume is done.
  4. Evan Hansen – With the Dear Evan Hansen book coming out and the musical doing as well as it is, I think Evan Hansen will be a more and more popular costume. All you nee is a blue striped shirt and a cast.
  5. Percy Jackson – Less recognizable, but certainly a great costume. Channel your inner demigod, get a foam sword, and get ready to go to war with some very formidable enemies.

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  1. I’m not massively into Halloween but I love the idea of book costumes! I’ve not got any plans this year but if I ever do I would LOVE to go as Katniss because the Hunger Games was such an amazing series to read! I once went to my Halloween party as a child as pippy long stockings because I loved the books and won a prize for it!
    Alex x

  2. Just a plain simple ghost, a sheet with holes and throw it over your head, boom! Costume! No, just kidding! My twelve year old would kill me if I told her that. Although she though that all ghosts were made of blankets when she was younger.

  3. Love book costume ideas! Our boys went as Harry Potter last year but this year they are going to go as Fred and George because they are identical twins! LOL! Same costume luckily, just no glasses!

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