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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by The Artsy Reader. This week’s topic is Unpopular Bookish Opinions. For the most part, I generally side with the majority in terms of my bookish opinions, so I’m going to keep this week’s list short.

  1. I don’t like long series. I know some people just want their favorite series to keep going and going, but for me, I will pass on a book if the series it’s a part of is longer than three books.
  2. Sometimes I like eBooks better than physical ones. While eBooks are on the rise, most people (especially bloggers) prefer to read paperbacks and hardcovers. I find that I actually read faster when I’m reading on my Kindle plus the ability to read with the lights off is a massive plus for eBooks.
  3. I don’t like the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series (like at all). This might be a little specific, but the books are uber-popular right now and are generally very well liked. I, personally, can’t find the appeal in them, but it’s great that other people have been enjoying them.
  4. I’ve never read anything by Sarah J Maas. While this isn’t really an opinion, I feel like every blogger I follow has read everything written by Sarah J Maas and loved all of them. Sooner or later I’ll get on that hype train, but for now I’m definitely in the minority.
  5. I prefer secondhand books to new ones. There’s something nice about a book whose spine has already been broken in – plus, you never pay for full cover price. There’s nothing like shopping in a good used bookstore and finding that one book you’ve been looking for for ages.

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  1. I don’t like longer series either in general, unless I’ve already started them and it’s one of my favorites. There are a few series I kind of want to start and then remember I’m 6+ books behind and I just think: never mind. xD
    I also read way faster on my kindle… I prefer reading ebooks mostly because of it (and the fact that I can take my kindle anywhere and don’t have to worry about damaging my physical books, stains etc etc.
    I haven’t even read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and I probably never will? Same goes for the Anna And The French Kiss books… Hyped books and me don’t tend to get along and somehow I have that feeling I won’t be getting along with either series haha.
    I did read a lot of Sarah J. Maas books, but I’m taking a break for now (or forever?) I enjoyed the first four Throne Of Glass books, but was SO disappointed by book five that I decided to pass on continuing them for now. I did read ACOTAR as well, but there is just too much adult romance involved for me to be reading them any time soon. xD
    I so miss having used bookstores around to browse and find hidden treasures!

  2. I’ve not read a word written by Srah Maas either. She was so popular with teens in my library. I bought all her books for the library but I never took the time. They could be full of sex and completely inappropraite and I would never know. Ha! My TTT Bookish Opinions

  3. I love finding stuff in used bookstores. And agree about e- books. I never read them pre- blogging, but now most of what I read is an e-form just because of the convenience of it. I mean I prefer a physical book but I still read so many books on Kindle now…

  4. SJM is not that good. There were a couple books that were pretty good but you could get the same experience from other fantasy books like An Ember in the Ashes, The Cruel Prince, The Girl from Everywhere, etc. There’s a lot of other good fantasy out there—and a lot of it is a lot more diverse.

  5. I like physical books and use my library a lot for them but I do read faster on my Kindle and love ebooks for the price and convenience. It’s nice to read in bed and be able to put it away and not have lights to turn out (and yes, I’ve read the articles that this is unhealthy for sleep patterns but hey, I don’t care!)

  6. While I do like long series, it can take a while to get caught up, and I can see how that can be intimidating.

    While I prefer physical books most of the time, I end up with a lot of ebooks because 1) eARCs and 2) Really cheap books. If I see a book that I’ve wanted to read for $1.99, I’ll definitely pick it up. I also think foreign language books are better in eBook form because you can highlight all the words you don’t know, and another advantage is that you don’t need a lot of bookshelf space. So I tend to buy a lot of eBooks, even though I get my favorites in hardback.

  7. I read A Court of Thorns and Roses and actually really didn’t like it, so I probably won’t read any Sarah J Maas, even though I’m a huge fantasy buff.

    I also really love second hand books. I live in a decent sized city so I hit library book sales when I can and get a bunch of books for super cheap! (a dollar or less a book) I actually am about to donate some of those same books back. I think a lot of people hate broken spines, but to me it says that a book was well loved.

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