Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme by The Artsy Reader. This week’s topic is Book Titles that Would Make Great Song Titles. I’ve never really thought about book titles this way, so this was a fun new lens to consider my books in. I can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

  • The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver – This sounds like some epic ballad from the 80s
  • Too Much and Never Enough by Mary L Trump – I could swear that this was an Avril Lavigne power ballad if I didn’t know better
  • The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins – This sounds like an old ballad passed down generation to generation
  • Mayhem by Estelle Laure – Sounds like a 90s grunge song that I could get behind
  • Simmer Down by Sarah Smith – this sounds like a great alternative song by like Hozier
  • Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell – this sounds like a bop from the 90s
  • You’d Be Mine by Erin Hahn – Definitely a country song from and young and upcoming star
  • You Have a Match by Emma Lord – Maybe a song from a hit Broadway play?
  • Renegades – Marissa Meyer – This is a song and I love it
  • What You Wish For by Katherine Center – This sounds like a Taylor Swift song for sure

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  1. I haven’t read any of these, but “Too Much and Never Enugh” sounds like SUCH a good song title! It is pulling me in as a book title for sure! lol we need Avril to come back on the scene and make that happen

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